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Trauma Gates Externship

Begins May 20, 2024  •  $775  •  On Location

For Christian practitioners practicing in faith-based and secular environments.

Trauma Gates™ Externship is 65 hours supervised hands-on (3 clients with 10 sessions each, including 1 zoom client), 20 hours of coaching support including zoom calls.
Plus 15 hours therapist trade of 10 ea. Trauma Gates™ sessions.

  • Applicant must have completed the 36 hr. Trauma Gates™ Intensive training.

  • Complete externship within 8 mo. (unless other arrangements have been made)

Upon completion of Trauma Gates™ Certification Externship

  • A diploma of certification will be issued.​

  • You may promote yourself and advertise as a Trauma Gates™ Practitioner

  • You may not teach Trauma Gates™ material.

  • You may not write books, or articles on the Trauma Gates™ process unless you have received written approval from Anna Apple.

Practitioner Requirements

  • Completion of the Trauma Gates Intensive Workshop.

  • Work with 3 clients, including 1 zoom client (10 - 1.5 hr. sessions each) over the next 8 months at an “externship rate” ($45 - $65 session). Some may require more sessions at which time financial and time details can be discussed between client and practitioner.

  • Be available for weekly sessions. It is not advised that more than 1 week be skipped in the 10 sessions series for optimal results.

  • Practitioners will “trade” with another student and receive 10 Trauma Gates™ sessions. Sessions can be in-person or zoom appointments. (Optional)

  • Practitioners must possess and be current with a license or certification from their professional licensing board.

  • Have professional liability insurance covering their scope of practice.

  • Fill out feedback forms for their Personal Advisor at the completion of each session and submit them weekly. Timely submission is required.

  • Personal Advisor reviews will be scheduled with the practitioner 2X throughout the externship.

  • Practitioners must attend 80% of the Zoom bi-monthly meetings. Time to be determined by each group. Recorded sessions are available for making up missed sessions. There will be 1 Zoom meeting a week for the first 2 weeks to launch externs.

  • Provide a professional space to work with clients.

  • Purchase a business license to operate as a sole proprietor for your city.

  • Practice appropriate self-care throughout the externship period.

  • Decide prior to beginning the Externship who your clients will be. Choose from a diverse group of individuals with different traumatic experiences.

  • All participants must have access to a laptop or iPad computer.

  • The Externship with work with Google Classroom platform and Zoom. Please become familiar with these.

Practitioners will need to complete all reading assignments

  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

  • The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton

  • Supernatural Freedom from the Captivity of Trauma by Mike Hutchings


A diploma of Certification for 105 hr. training for Trauma Gates™ will be awarded. (This training is non-accredited)

Enjoying Outdoor
Trauma Gates™ therapy has completely changed my life! I was a victim of abuse since I was a baby and am a 9/10 on the ACE’s test. I have always felt that I have struggled more through life than the average person and going through TG has given me language and emotional resiliency everyone needs to trust their own gut instinct, stand firm through the waves of emotional triggers and ultimately step into more freedom. Grasping my authority to self-regulate my autonomic system has helped me stop cycles of self-destructive patterns. This program is the gradient ascent into the life you have always wanted to live, free and empowered to become the healthiest version of you! Even if you think you don’t have a lot of trauma, you should go through TG, but if you do have a lot of trauma, this is the answer to the missing puzzle piece.
- Client in Redding, CA
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