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Client Testimonials

I am amazed every week by these sessions' impact on me! I am not exaggerating when I say I haven't felt my heartbeat in over 2 years, maybe even 4. After our session on Friday, I started when my heart was beating fast and even slow, and I am still feeling it throughout the day.
- Brandy B.
 As a physical therapist, I knew there was a connection between our trauma responses and our overall health. Becoming a Trauma Gates™ practitioner has given me skills within my scope to bring integration and wholeness to my clients. Anna is gifted in leading practitioners to 'embrace the process' and slow things down to allow our clients to truly connect to their body at the level they can and go from there. I know I am helping my clients find themselves and become at home in their own body while developing resiliency tools for the rest of their lives. 
- Sarah S.
Beach Party
I was feeling numb and disconnected, withdrawing from people, and having challenges with emotions like anger, anxiety, guilt, shame, hopelessness, and sadness. I was about 5 months pregnant with my second child when I began Trauma Gates™ and hoped I could finish the series of 10 before I went into labor.

The birth of my first child was complicated and traumatic, and I was very anxious about this birth! One week after completing Trauma Gates™, I went into labor! I labored for 4 hours, pushed for 15 min., and delivered an eight-pound beautiful girl with no rips or tears. My breathing was perfectly regulated, and I was totally present and focused. My body did exactly what it was supposed to do! My husband was shocked and in awe of my ability to give birth to this baby, so radically different from our first experience. This child's disposition also reflects the birthing process: peaceful, present, and calm. This experience was a story of redemption! Although I need more healing and plan on going through another series of 10, this experience has shown me how far I have come. I have more body awareness and a greater sense of self. 
Jasmine J.
Before Trauma Gates™, I was experiencing many emotional symptoms such as anger, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, and self-blame. I was withdrawing from others, feeling hopeless, numb, and disconnected. I had insomnia and recurring nightmares. Physically, I was fatigued, startled easily, had difficulty concentrating, a racing heartbeat, and edginess.
It wasn't just one Trauma Gates™ experience that changed the trajectory of my emotional and physical healing—learning healthy boundaries, understanding how trauma affected my nervous system, and incorporating the techniques to heal neural pathways in my brain was part of the process. I also learned how to be more present in my body, which, in turn, allowed me to be more present in the lives of significant individuals. I am now a trained Trauma Gates™ practitioner beginning to incorporate this excellent process into my clinical mental health practice in working with individuals who struggle with ADHD and other disabling diagnoses. I am already seeing improvement in these clients. I was working with a client recently who informed me that while experiencing Trauma Gates™, she felt joy and laughed for the first time in several weeks—another client reduced their anxiety level from a 9 to a 2 on a scale of 1-10 within 15 minutes. I am excited about what Trauma Gates™ is doing in my life and others who have experienced trauma-related disabling symptoms.
- Pamela P.

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Jumping with Joy
I could feel each session piece by piece, bringing me back to myself. The places in my body where emotions were stuck, even after my soul had experienced healing, when recognized and cared for, reintegrated with the rest of me, giving me a whole body, soul, and spirit experience. 

There seems to be something so precious to God about our physical bodies that He even chose to clothe Himself in one. I am excited to watch how the Body of Christ continues becoming the beautiful bride it was destined to be. And I believe He thinks healing our bodies is an essential part of the wedding preparation process. 
- Jacqueline J.
I was experiencing mood swings, hopelessness, disconnection, and feeling numb. I was curious about Trauma Gates™ and decided to see what it offered. I did not know what to expect. I did have a good experience. I am more aware of what my body and heart are experiencing and am more patient with myself. I have a greater connection with my spouse and am calmer when there is relational friction. Receiving Trauma Gates™ Therapy has given me more freedom and additional tools to navigate life successfully. 
- Daniel D.
Happy Little Girl
After a devastating fire swept through our city, I realized I had experienced trauma and wanted to clean up as much as possible. I investigated Trauma Gates™ Therapy and found the therapist to be very professional and compassionate, and I felt safe. I'd seen extreme poverty as a missionary and had heard horrible oppression stories. I now realize what secondary trauma is and have suffered much due to my compassion. Through my experiences with Trauma Gates™, I am convinced that trauma does reside in the body, and it's necessary to release it intentionally! I'm so much more aware of my body "speaking" to me and was able to release and integrate a lot through my sessions. My expectations were met far and above! 
- Laura L.
I happened to cross paths with my father/perpetrator. As I walked past him, I felt 10ft. tall and more beautiful than ever. I felt every powerful female step I took as I passed him. As I got further down the hall, I realized, "I was free!" I wasn't afraid anymore, and he no longer had any power over me.
- Mari M.
Our three-year-old daughter came to us from a tough place. Her birth and early years experienced trauma that most people never know.

She was withdrawn and emotionally crippled. When our daughter was 7, Anna started working with her. Anna helped her process trauma through gentle healing touch and soothing words. 

Our daughter always responded well to her time with Anna. They became good friends. We appreciate Anna's professional yet approachable style that assisted our daughter on her journey to health.
- Liz L.
Woman Sleeping
I was sexually abused as a young girl until I was 6. I always had a hard time sleeping, and, as a married adult, I slept on the couch in the living room with a night light on. Fear was my companion, and I just thought that was normal.

When I did Trauma Gates™ with Anna, I had the opportunity to connect with the somatic sensations of my fear, and it was very effective. I have not had to deal with anxiety since. I no longer sleep with a light on and sleep comfortably in bed every night with my husband.

I had lots of anxiety, and I now can recognize when I am beginning to feel anxious and am immediately able to deal with the anxious thoughts and calm myself once again. This was a very powerful treatment in healing from the years of abuse.
- Jada J.
I am having revelations of things that have been healed that I was not even aware of. I have realized that this therapy goes layers beyond the sessions! One example happened after the final session: a traumatic event occurred, and I had the strength and ability to say "NO." I boldly laid my boundaries. What I found was that the PTSD for this situation was not there. WOW!

Also, the old projection of anger was gone, and in its rightful place was LOVE. I can't thank Anna enough for this healing therapy, trustworthiness & friendship!
- DeeDee D.
Laughing Couple
As I was feeling sad today, I remembered to ask myself what does that sadness feel like in my body? Sick, nauseous, hollow, empty, heavy, tight in my jaw and cheeks, I allowed myself to sit in that, knowing I was okay. I'm safe. I can sit in it and not "need" to be anywhere else. I don't need to fix it. I can make good decisions. I don't need to fear I'll now overreact to something said. I don't need to judge someone whose actions made me sad and alone. They are okay just as they are too.
- Evan E.
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