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Additional Resources

Learn More About Yourself

1. Watch

Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective

(Note: This instructor does not promote yoga practices)

2. Take the ACE score quiz

Aces Test | Trauma Gates™

The ACE score quiz assesses childhood trauma in schools, psychotherapy, and social work.

Sources: The Trauma Foundation, NPR

3. Understanding Childhood Neglect

Take Jonice Webb CEN 

Understanding Childhood Neglect | Trauma Gates™

4. Boundaries Quiz

Determine what one's respond-ability is to boundaries by taking the quiz offered by Townsend and Cloud.

Boundaries Quiz | Trauma Gates™

5. Read

by Townsend and Cloud

Where to
Draw the Line
by Anne Katherine

(also available on audible)

Boundaries | Trauma Gates™
Where to Draw the Line | Trauma Gates™

Learn more about Trauma

Anna Apple | Trauma Gates™

Anna Apple

Certified Trauma Gates™ Practitioner
In-person and Zoom appointments are available!
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